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Do not waste your money on Datemyage site
Do not waste your money on Datemyage site. Its absolutely crap. I better find a decent woman elsewhere, this website is just grabbing your money, destroying lives and what ever else they are doing. Preying on others, shame on you.
globahrl - October 10, 2020
Signed up paid and within 24 hours they terminated my account and would not say why or give me refund. There is no customer service just an answering machine that has a recording saying sorry. BUYER BE WARE ON
okrpanii5 - October 8, 2020 is grasp your money is another dating site trying to grasp your money, robots that are not real people interested in $, deceptive tricks to keep you subscribed
spojinahi7 - October 5, 2020
Lovinga will keep spamming
Lovinga will keep spamming your account even after you paid for six month membership and the people are only interested in messing with you
nyroogvg - October 3, 2020 is a horrible dating site is a horrible dating site. The only people that respond want to fraud you, They should be ashamed of themselves.
almomecaxpd - October 3, 2020
Tubit is full of fake members
Waste of money. Tubit is full of fake members who bait you with one-liners and then never reply. I actually opened two accounts and I got the exact show twice.
lillieszcv - October 2, 2020
Huge waste of time
I realized after not receiving response from local women that Datemyage is keeping up profiles of members who are not currently subscribed, which is not only a huge waste of time it’s bad for morale when no one responds.
lypegedielppk - October 1, 2020
Datemyage was even worse
Poorly designed, did not have high expectations to begin with but Datemyage was even worse that anticipated. Only got replies from apparent scammers. I would not be back on any dating site but except for the pandemic. Altogether not a pleasant experience.
zanovellopi - September 29, 2020
Datemyage app is awful!
Datemyage app is awful! It used be great but you have fake people and you get genders that you don’t want. You have to go through each profile you can’t just see all the profiles. Datemyage changed that feature not sure why.
deadonarrival7g - September 28, 2020 should be out should be out of the dating market soon by new technology.
ffrenigp9 - September 24, 2020 is scam
Give you option to pay upfront for a discount, then of course can’t cancel and get your money back when nothing works, and 80% of the profiles are spams
podtaknilhc - September 23, 2020
Letmedate is awful!
Letmedate is awful! It used be great but you have fake people and you get genders that you don’t want.
voorspanr0 - September 22, 2020
You get FAKE people!
You call the Letmedate company and no one answers. It might be rated better than others but it’s not. Check other dating sites this is not the only one. You get FAKE people!
dyemboywoxmonhu - September 21, 2020
Stay away from
They give out fake messages, and when you try to retrieve them it will tell you to subscribed when you already have a subscription. Most of the men on this site are nothing but scammers who has posted dead men photos and fake profiles. Stay away from It is a fake itself!
mottau8 - September 19, 2020
Datemyage is good way to meet women
Datemyage is good way to meet women. I found the one I wanna spend my time with. So I no longer need this site but reccomend it to anyone looking for love.
extedokerzd - September 4, 2020
Thanks I would like to tell everyone that my lady and I will meet and be in our reality as soon as any possibility. Please, please, be also knowing, she has given and been a magic and are a magical lady, she has a deepest kindness and a loving heart I never knew. Please be knowing, this happen to me and that is something above me to understand. Soon I can close down my profile in and have a happy life with my sweet heart!
tuddyracysactc1 - September 3, 2020
I highly recommend Lovinga
Found a great match!! Thanks Lovinga!! Looking forward to my new adventure with my someone special!! I highly recommend this site to those who are serious about finding your match!
novaro28 - September 3, 2020
Thanks Lovinga for everything
On subscribing to Lovinga met and chated to many wonderfull ladies but i have now found the one whom wants to spend her life with me and whom i want to spend my life with thanks Lovinga for everything
e1ga3s2ir1 - September 2, 2020
Datemyage giving an amazing service
Datemyage giving an amazing service. Thank you so much…I have seen a lot of scammy sites and your service has gained my trust. Plus, a lot of pretty babes out there. There is simply nothing to lose!
blogbit5a - September 2, 2020
Datemyage was the easiest to use
I have tried a few other dating sites and Datemyage was the easiest to use and the best for getting to know people.It took me a while to meet someone special,as expected. I went off a few times,dated someone and when it did not work out i came right back on and tried again.Found it a great way to connect with people and i have recommended it as the best online dating sites.
murzynek3c - September 2, 2020
I love the carousel feature on
I love the carousel feature on I can easily go through my matches with no hassle. Definitely a company that cares about the user experience!
heygurhx - September 2, 2020
Would recommend Tubit
This site deserves some real credit. How many years have we all been using it? Others come and go (trust me ive tried them all) and just stays on the throne, pure bossing it. Would recommend!
2c1emlhv - September 1, 2020
You’ll be glad you chose
Such a great site. Can see that it is genuine person. Up to you who you choose and can message who you like. Glad I chose and if it doesn’t work with my match then I can always sign up again. Happy hunting everyone. You’ll be glad you chose
rajdkk - September 1, 2020
Good experience
Good experience and easy way to follow. Cool video chat feature. This website really work. After looking for many App I found this.. Thanks
rajdkk - August 16, 2020
YourLatinMates is Huge waste of time
I realized after not receiving response from local women that YourLatinMates is keeping up profiles of members who are not currently subscribed, which is not only a huge waste of time it’s bad for morale when no one responds.
dyemboywoxmonhu - August 12, 2020
Well easy accessible page
Well easy accessible page easy overview both on PC and mobile and I can only recommend the page to others I was on the site many years ago and Self I return to in my opinion dating page and there is so. Always friendly service of the support and no stupid questions
andermaalw3 - July 17, 2020
Super dating site
Super dating site, lots of serious people in there, and great opportunities To get in touch with each other as the site is easy to find.
snafssz - July 16, 2020
I just love this website
I just love this website and I feel safe using it. I strongly recommend this site for all women who are also looking to make their dreams come true.
cantereraza - July 14, 2020
I am thankful
Enjoy the process and you will find one that fits the bill. Meeting, dating then marrying is a big commitment. I am thankful. Cheers and good luck to people, keep your hopes up.
scacydaybuhw3 - July 12, 2020
I would highly recommend it!
We are getting married later this year. I’m so happy that I didn’t give up on online dating before giving site a try. For obvious reasons, I would highly recommend it!
mondavas85 - July 12, 2020
I enjoy it
The ladies I have talked to have been so polite and social. I enjoy it and I have a good memery.
dyrne9 - July 11, 2020
I greatly appreciate
I greatly appreciate the help and the excellent customer service skills. The team is a asset to the company with their great personality.
mrdop - July 11, 2020
I am so excited
I am so excited first on this website.The women are so pretty,More than that they are not like some good looking women who play hard-to-get.Most of girls on this site are easy going and nice.This really encourage me to chat them up!
laloumillerg8 - July 10, 2020
This site has been very helpful
This site has been very helpful in lonely times.It helped me a lot to stay connected with a partner and kept me busy.Wonderful site it and it does have a very easy and beautiful interface.The best thing about this site was it contains real people and no bots.I highly recommend it to anyone.!Cheers!
erzieherha - July 7, 2020
Always keep looking and searching
Always keep looking and searching. Time is something that can not be captured but the person you are looking for will eventually stop time in its tracks and you will know.
giljotinupk - July 6, 2020
For me it totally worked!
This unbiased hook up site accommodates everyone. It is fabulous and doesnt fail to provide ample options for interaction to its users. You can easily find and engage with your matches. For me it totally worked!
17shadowsk5 - July 5, 2020
Thank you
There is someone for everyone. She is out there I just waited for the best to get together. You will know when you meet her. We have a lot in common, we finish each others sentences. So They are out there. I have been looking for awhile. Thank you
eterizatsgu - July 3, 2020
I'm very happy
I consider to suggest my friend to opening account of here. I’m very happy to meet here my love. After I date with few womens.
adamismq - July 1, 2020
It's a great place to be on
When I joined on here I simply put on my profile if you need a lavish life get in touch but need to obey me that’s my condition, and I got girls pulling my leg begging to take them that feeling makes me feel like a king chose a girl which understood exactly what I wanted so I would say it’s a great place to be on.
coandaabrasia04 - July 1, 2020
I am having a great time here
This site not only changed my opinion about dating sites but gave me assurance about genuine profiles as well. The girls respond fast and some of them are so adorable. I am having a great time here.
vohana14 - July 1, 2020
Easy signup process
One of the best things about this site is that they have a easy signup process that goes in-depth into what you are looking for. This allows website to provide some fantastic automatic matching that really saves you a lot of time over other sites.
ergotejara0 - June 29, 2020
Great App
I think that the world of full of weird people and you never know who leaves you without no reason. My love left me and leave me broke. From that day, I was so depressed because I was unable to absorb that my love is no more a part of my life.
goocloccunk6k - June 23, 2020
We are perfectly matched
In less than 3 days I found the love of my life! Thank you !!! We are perfectly matched. We have so much in common and attracted to each other inside and out!
h2so4zl - June 22, 2020
Extremely happy
Extremely happy that I found this site, had heard a lot about it that you can find girls who are looking for dating. My experience has been much better then I expected highly rated thumbs up.
idrolisingw - June 19, 2020
I highly recommend
This website was recommended to me by one of my friends. It was very easy to set up my account and I was shortly involved in in-depth conversations with a lady I met through ths site. I highly recommend
sacsainisnf - June 16, 2020
I am glad
There is a lot of good guys out there. Just takes awhile to find the right one. I am glad I hung in there to do just that!
thinlikemee1 - May 20, 2020
Fantastic online dating environment
Fantastic online dating environment where users can hook up with a few of the sexiest singles around. With an array of useful attributes and a large, energetic membership base of several million, members have many opportunities to hook up with their perfect match.
sooncononsumnts - May 11, 2020
I like this
I like this because they match people according with interest and style of life and characters. I found my Wife. We got married two years ago and we have a baby now! Thank you.
kloppenga - May 10, 2020
High level of service
This site has a very high level of service and a ton of nice girls. I love that I can chat with the women, giving me a much better opportunity to get to know them.
chrislightui - May 10, 2020
I can really recommend this site.
I can really recommend this site.
ladyoscargk - May 9, 2020
Great website to use
Great website to use. Takes a bit of time to do your profile but definitely worth it as you then receive in depth profiles back. I met my partner on here and we’re still together 3 years later!
nesanjanu9l - May 8, 2020
I love it !!!
I must say that if you are looking for the easiest way to meet a girl
codda44 - May 8, 2020
Best experience of using it.
It was really best site for dating. I am using it and its really good to find people who are looking for serious kind of relations best dating site i can say. Best experience of using it.
nakousata5 - May 8, 2020
Very interesting experience
I have to say that it was a very interesting experience as I had the opportunity to meet some real people with a very tiny percentage of weirdos and time wasters.
themba93 - May 7, 2020
It just wonderful
I recommend everyone to use this site , it just wonderful , love to browse and easy interface to understand
fortunama6x - May 5, 2020
Easy to use
Easy to use and suited my personal circumstances at that time. The effort in responding to the questions, and completing the profile, is so worthwhile as through this site I met, and now engaged to, a wonderful, lovely lady, and looking forward to a fantastic shared future together.
iistiidlw - May 5, 2020
I like the way the site works
Being a man in my mid forties and single for a very long time. Trying this seemed kind of risky but so far no regrets. I like the way the site works and everything seems very serious.
parenc6 - May 4, 2020
Good luck to all
This site and the services it provides has been by far the best experience
addobbatar1 - May 3, 2020
I have found the woman of my dreams
I have found the woman of my dreams. I wish you all luck and love. Just remember that you get what you give.
nyamvadtky - May 2, 2020
The site is great
The site is great, easy to use and the administration is always there to help. I will recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a beautiful, smart and family-oriented lady!
rykenes0 - April 29, 2020
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