Online Dating: Do you have the right combination?

Do you prefer software or hardware? The Right Combination Who cares as long as it helps you in your search for love or at least like? online dating makes use of sophisticated software to help you connect electronically with potential relationship partners around the world, depending on your personal preferences. But perhaps another powerful tool might be a physical piece of hardware you can use locally, depending on where you call home.

The Right CombinationThe Right Combination

Lock and Key events are live, interactive social and dating events for singles. They offer a cocktail party or happy hour with a twist. It implies there is a good match someone for every single man and every single woman. Lock and Key events take this saying at least one or two steps further.

Every single man in attendance gets a key. Every woman in attendance is given a lock. And who said, women, aren’t the ones who hold all of the power in relationships? Anyway, every key and lock matches a couple of others.

The format for the event means you already walk through the door with your own built-in icebreaker. Now all you have to do is work the room to find your matches.

It’s easy to do. You simply approach members of the opposite sex and ask them if you can see if your hardware is a match for theirs. You make conversation along the way, share some laughs, and get to know other people.

Once you connect with one of your matches, you turn in your hardware for a new piece and begin the process all over again.

Lock and Key events often have a turnout of between 100 and 200 local single professionals. There is generally a pretty even amount of men and women.

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The more matches you find, the better your chances are at winning some great prizes in. The raffle held near the end of the event. If this format for meeting other singles sounds of interest to you. Check out some lock and key dating sites to see if there are upcoming events in your local area.

For those singles who aren’t exceptionally extroverted, fluent or friendly with strangers, or over the top outgoing, taking a chance at a Lock and Key event could be a great window of opportunity for you. More information visit this site:

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