When you think of dating in your 30s as a man, what comes to mind? Probably tropes of men we commonly see in movies: single men who can’t get emotionally attached or perpetually single dating women 10 years their junior. But life is not a romantic comedy. For most men, dating someone in their 30s as a man doesn’t really match those narratives.

Research suggests that single men feel more pressure than women to be in a relationship. Not what you expected, right? Dive into the mind of a 30-year-old man and let’s see what makes finding “the one” so difficult. Here are six facts about dating in your 30s as a man and what to do about it.



  1. You feel alone

The stereotype of the bachelor represents a man who is happy to be alone. But in fact, studies show that’s not necessarily true. Single men are much more likely to experience loneliness than single women. Why? Because society pressures men to appear confident, strong, and emotionless.

Women tend to have strong friendships that they can rely on for support when they feel lonely. Meanwhile, men often find it difficult to open up to others. The narrative that strong men don’t cry is harmful and untrue. The next time you feel lonely, reach out to a friend and don’t be afraid to open up and get excited. We have all been there.

  1. You compare yourself to everyone around you

Everyone knows that they should not compare themselves to others. But that doesn’t stop us from doing it from time to time. When you feel like everyone around you is moving in together, having kids, and checking all the boxes in life, it can seem impossible not to compare your life to theirs.

But the truth is, comparing your relationship status to someone else’s is just useless. You are on your own path. If you’re obsessing over other people’s milestones, you may not be giving yourself enough credit for reaching your own. Sure, your friend from college may have gotten engaged, but what about that new promotion you just received? Different things happen at different times for different people. And remember, what you see on social media doesn’t necessarily reflect real life. YourChristianDate.Com

  1. They put you in a box

When you’re in your 30s as a man, people can quickly make assumptions. They assume you fit the stereotype of a wild bachelor or immature son. Or maybe they act like they know why you’re single, but really, they don’t know you at all.

It’s always frustrating when people try to put you in a box. The next time someone puts you in a stereotype, why not open up? Be honest and gently push back with the truth, if you feel comfortable. Let them know your true self. Maybe it will change their perception of you.

  1. You get tired of dating

The general consensus of dating in your 30s as a man or woman is that dating is hard work. Not everything is bad, of course, but it is normal to fall into cycles of ups and downs. Some weeks you have great dates, make solid connections, and have a lot of fun. Others… well, things don’t go so well! But that’s okay.

Try to remember that sometimes everyone gets tired of dating. It’s natural to feel hopeless from time to time, but what matters is that you’re not hard on yourself. YourChristianDate With trust, the right application, and a little resilience, it is possible to find true love. Remember, practice makes perfect.

  1. Dating apps are the new normal

The stigma around online dating is long gone. These days online dating is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to meet new people. Sure, some people only use dating apps for fun, casual hookups. But others take it seriously.

If the functionality of online dating is in question, just think about the algorithm. This smart technology connects you with a like-minded person who has someone who has similar hopes and interests as you. That way you won’t waste time. Lean on online dating, because it really works.


Dating in your 30s as a man can be challenging, we understand. But dating at any age has its ups and downs. If you are interested in looking for a real connection that makes you happy, now is the time to start looking for love and have fun doing it.

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