Explain How AmoLatina.com Scam You

First, AmoLatina.com Scam You, most of what is said here are true. Let me explain how Anastasia.com and amolatina.com scam you. They state that they do not give out personal info to protect the girls. This is crap, how is knowing a girl’s email or having it delivered directly to her not private!

AmoLatina.com Scam YouSecond, you do not need translation, other dating sites do that for you for free or you can go to Google Translator and cut and paste in the message. Why they do this is that the translator in each country they operate in is the scammer! They answer all the emails. Do you think that perfect blond in the Ukraine who is in college every day from 9 am to 3 pm – that’s their schedule! then also probably working a job has time to answer the AmoLatina 50 or so emails she gets each week? Of course not. The translators read the prior correspondence and carry on the relationship with you.

Scamming is a Form of Intelligence – AmoLatina.com Scam You

If you travel there, they will insist on meeting with you and the girl – for the girls’ safety of course! ha! I once took my own translator and the most they could say was that. I was obviously stupid for paying two translators and she couldn’t be interested in someone so foolish! hilarious! Well, I’m part Russian and have traveled there extensively but still fell for this on a trip and a half. But, this is huge, through a friend I met who was a Med student, he introduced me to a former translator who quit because he felt so bad about taking the money.

Understand that in Russia/Ukraine, scamming is a form of intelligence, not seen as a crime, its a very different culture, though in any poor country Anastasia.com  and subsidiaries pray on poor women telling them that the men only want to meet you and there are no expectations, it is exciting for them to meet such beautiful foreign women! Plus you get a nice dinner (a casual restaurant visit is usually reserved for their birthday if they’re lucky) and no one is harmed because we’re all so rich!!

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Well, the second time I met the translator for drinks he was actually with a girl who I met through Anastasia on my first visit to Odessa! Oh, and the planned tours – avoid them! I walked into a bar where there was one, there were 6 old ugly US guys and 10 average looking women who were completely disinterested, I felt bad for them and at least spared myself that embarrassment though I am still embarrassed and realize how much money I lost. The translator told me that makes over 1 million a month!! Please please go to a trusted site, they exist! You will know when only 1 out of 10 girls is hot, that’s real! Safe hunting! For more information browse this site:

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